What does Santa Claus eat for breakfast?    KRINGLE!, of course!

What do Santa Claus and kringle have in common?    Both are sweet, packed with goodness, and bring joy to the holidays.

What flavor of kringle do Santa’s elves like best?    PUMPKIN! (See post of 11/16)

Who delivers fresh, yummy kringle to hard-working and cheerful Wisconsinmade.com employees?     Rick  KRINGLE  Remeschatis vicki_gets_kringle

Rick loves kringle – always has, always will.  So when its time to bring holiday treats into the office, we can count on Rick for kringle. 

When I first spoke to Rick regarding his passion for kringle, he lifted his eyes upward and said, “Kringle – pastry of the gods…(sigh).”  His favorite is pecan.  But he readily enjoys cherry-cheesecake, almond, and raspberry.  Rick added, “How can you have a bad kringle?”  I don’t know, but I was sure I wouldn’t make one after hearing Rick describe the 3-day process required to make the flaky dough.  (I found a kringle recipe on the web.  It’s not to be attempted by a novice baker.)

But Rick claims its EASY! (once you’ve purchased the kringle).  “Nothing simpler!  Just warm and serve!  Or you can buy it ahead of time, freeze it, then pop it frozen in a 350 degree oven for 20 minutes.  Voila!  You’re ready to treat your friends.  And if you only eat half of it, just freeze it again.  Once we found a tiny foil package of leftover kringle way in the back of the freezer, who knows how ancient it was, – and it was still good!  Of course, in a large family, there won’t be any left-over kringle.”

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