fall-breakfast-recipe-apple-cinnamon-oatmealThis weekend the colder weather gave me an intense craving for a warming fall breakfast. I have a crockpot recipe for apple cinnamon oatmeal that I love, but it requires slow cooking overnight. I searched the Internet for a quicker version of this recipe and found one on FoodNetwork.com that even includes one of my favorite Wisconsin ingredients- maple syrup! I added a few of my own touches to the recipe – extra cinnamon and some raisins. The raisins are a tribute to my grandma because she always used to make oatmeal with raisins and I called it “Grammy oats”.

The results were exactly what I had hoped for – a creamy, hearty breakfast with comforting spices and the taste of my favorite state! Not quite as good as Grammy oats, but pretty close, but let’s face it, no one can beat grandma in the kitchen!

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