The nice thing about living a long time is that if something good happens, you usually get the chance to do it again. When we’re young and good things happen, we’re typically too busy doing and being to notice them. Good things happening are accepted as a matter of course. Games played with family and friends, cozy moments, sweet foods, and fun times are life’s fabric for the fortunate young. None of it seems remarkable; it’s just the way it’s been and the way it’s expected to continue.

The good is ordinary… that is until we grow up. Then we take on bigger thrills and challenges. New experiences replace earlier ones. Life moves so fast that we’ve little time to contemplate it. If it occurs to us to remember simple pleasures of childhood, we can, but whose got the time? The adult mind is busy contemplating the future so we can give today’s children the good times which they will ultimately take for-granted. It’s up to us to keep the good times rolling. After all, no parent wants his/her child to think a hot meal, a story read-aloud, or a joyful hug is in any way exceptional. We want our children’s lives filled to the brim with these good things and more so we work ourselves into fits to make it all happen. Thoughts about our own yesterdays are miles away, that is until something very simple happens again. I speak from experience because today something old and good happened in my kitchen.

This morning’s  sour cream coffee cake is where I’ve been rambling to. Click on “continue reading…” for the recipe and story.

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