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Wisconsin’s Berres Brothers Coffee Brews Gourmet Coffee On The Food Network!

News Flash: Tonight, July 27, 2009, 8:00 CST, the Food Network will feature Wisconsin’s own Berres Brothers Coffee!Yes, Wisconsin gourmet coffee  -brewed, sipped, and savored, now seen TV!

No more sly slurping in Wisconsin backrooms by java junkies. Berres Brothers bares it all. See them show off their best beans. Watch the roasting, grinding, and brewing. Maybe they’ll divulge their brewing secrets, maybe not. It’s all up for grabs at this Watertown, Wisconsin brew fest.

Wisconsin – We Brew More Than Beer

See us brew bodacious breakfast beverages. How about some coffee with that kringle?

You can read a little more about Berres Brothers’ stimulus packages at my other blog, A Gourmet’s Wisconsin Cupboard.

Warming up with hot breakfast drinks keeps the ice at bay

Warming Water

The air is too frigid to feel the sun. Tree branches glazed with ice look like glass. Icicles cling to rooftops. Out our window, the frozen beauty envelopes us.

But inside, we’re heating water until steam streaks from the kettle. The whistle announces it’s time to pour boiling water over tea leaves and coffee grounds. Meanwhile, milk, sweetened with sugar and cocoa, warms on the stove.

We sip our steaming breakfast drinks to warm our bodies, and prepare our spirits to wait for the bus outside in the bitter cold. All done, lest our hearts and minds become as ice.

We each have our favorite, soul-nourishing beverages. My husband favors tea; these days he’s appreciating green teas. My children ask for peppermint tea with honey when they wake, and for hot chocolate after playing outside. My essential beverage is coffee, – rich, dark-roasted coffee, freshly-ground and freshly-brewed. I can take on the world if I’m sipping coffee.

But these are our favorites. I know other folks start their morning with colas or chais, lattes, or juices. I’m curious, beer-for-breakfast aside, is there a breakfast beverage that typifies Wisconsin? Or do we again show our independent spirit by the diversity of drinks which we select to begin our days?  What do you think? What do you drink?

Is it true that the fast-paced lifestyle of Americans drives us to grab more easily portable breakfast drinks like bottles of soda? Are the high-caffeine energy drinks replacing tea and coffee because they travel more conveniently and give a powerful jump-start to the day?

And what are our teenagers choosing to drink for breakfast? Do they choose differently when they transform into adults? In other words, will steaming hot breakfast beverages fade into the past as we rush to the future?

What do you think? What do you drink?

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