For the past couple of months, my children’s choice for breakfast has been breakfast bars. You know, those foil-packaged rectangles of oats and mystery fruit. The box lauds them as nutritious, and comparing them to Fruit Loops or Cocoa Krispies they’re probably superior if served with a multi-vitamin. I originally bought them as car snacks for road trips. But they traveled into the kitchen cupboard. 

My children had been eating cold cereal or instant oatmeal for breakfast, but have since tired of these. Recently my daughter (9) is choosing to spend more time styling her hair than eating breakfast. In her last mad dash to pack her backpack, she simultaneously munches a breakfast bar. If I get her to swallow some milk too, I congratulate myself. My 6-year-old is the opposite. An early-riser, he’s ready for breakfast before I’m ready to serve it. So he helps himself. Ever his sister’s copycat, he chooses breakfast bars. I arrive in the kitchen in time to give him some milk too.

I’ve been thinking that I should be able to make a breakfast that meets our morning’s new criteria:

  1. tasty enough that the children will choose it
  2. fast to eat
  3. can be self-served by a 6-year-old
  4. nutritious enough that mom is not guilty

I found a recipe that meets these criteria in the cookbook Apples Everything by Jean Hill and Jody Littler. Click on “Continue reading…” for the recipe and rest of the story.

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