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Cheese Are A Few of Our Favorite Things: The Staff’s Favorite Cheeses

cheese-are-a-few-1“Do you get to eat tons of cheese at work?!”

This is one of the first questions I get about my job as food blogger
extrodinare at The answer
is YES! Between samples from aspiring aritsans, goodies leftover from TV
appearances and the surprise treats from our boss Linda, we get all the cheese
snacks we can handle.

If you thought resisting the office candy bowl was
hard, try working at a place that specializes in the best food in the
When Linda and Rick, the husband and wife team behind, got word that I wanted to write a blog post about the
staff’s favorite cheeses, they took it a step further and actually
brought in our favorite cheeses. Continue reading to see what our favorites are and why.


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Dad’s Must Eat Madison Foods


I’m not the only foodie in my family, and when Dad comes to visit, there are a few must eat Madison foods on the menu. Here are the top five Madison foods that Dad requests.

Nurnberger bratwurst from Bavaria Sausage Company – My Dad was stationed in Germany when he was in the Army, so we know what an authentic German brat should taste like, and this is it! Nurnberger bratwursts with mustard, on a hard roll,  washed down with a cold beer makes us feel like we’re back in Deustchland.

Ice cream at Babcock Hall Dairy Store – Dad and I both love food, but we have different tastes in ice cream. He preferes the classic vanilla, and I like the more flashy flavors like Mocha Macciato. We both left the Babcock Hall Dairy Store happy, even though I show it a little more than Dad does.

Fresh squeaky cheese curds- Fried or straight from the bag, fresh cheese curds are a Wisconsin treat Dad can’t miss. He even eats them for breakfast.

Sprecher root beer- Dad’s always been a big root beer fan, and Sprecher root beer is a Wisconsin treat he can’t find back home.

Bread Cheese- My mom tried bread cheese for the first time at the Madison farmer’s market and took some back for Dad to try. Now it’s become a family favorite. I bring some home whenever I go or send them a gift box from In fact, all of the treats mentioned in this post (including the bratwusrt and ice cream) are available at, so next time you get a craving, Madison food is only a click away.

5 Things To Do With Juusto

Juusto oven baked cheese Now that you know all about Juusto , you need ideas for how to eat it.  Between the suggestions I received from Facebook and Twitter  friends to the ideas from the cheesemakers at Pasture Pride Cheese, I have more ideas than I can fit in just one post.  So here is a list – you know how I love my top five lists– of ways to enjoy Juusto with minimal cooking. I’ll test out some of the more cooking intensive (but still easy of course) recipes at home and report back in future posts, but for now enjoy these simple preparations. All of these ideas taste best with warmed Juusto- to warm it, place it in a skillet, microwave or oven for a few minutes.

1. Breakfast- Drizzle warmed Juusto with honey, maple syrup, or jam– you get bonus points if your drizzle is made in Wisconsin! Enjoy the Juusto with your morning coffee.  Some cheeselovers even dip it in the coffee, yum!

2. Appetizer- Cut the warmed Jalapeno Juusto in to strips and serve with salsa– no one will miss the chips!

3. Pizza Lover’s Delight- Cut warmed Juusto into strips. Dunk the strips in pizza sauce.  Kids will love this one, especially with Italian flavored Juusto.

4. Go Vegetarian- This is probably my favorite Juusto tip! Use in the place of meat for a real cheeseburger.  Warm up a burger sized hunk of Juusto then put it on a bun with your favorite burger toppings.

5.Go Low-Carb- Take a full piece of Juusto and carefully slice it in half so you have two thin peices that are the same size as the original piece. Use the cheese as your bread- add mustard and ham for a low-carb ham sandwich.

What is Juusto?

Juusto Cheese Juusto is a versatile cheese that cheeselovers enjoy as a snack, an appetizer, and even for breakfast. Juusto originated in Finland, but cheesemakers in Wisconsin -the land of all foods awesome and cheesy- make an excellent Juusto as well.  Cheesemakers pre-bake slice-like slabs of cheese in an oven until they develop a golden brown color.  The sliced shape earned Juusto the nickname bread cheese.

Pasture Pride Dairy in Chaston, Wisconsin produces several flavors of bread cheese including Jalapeno, Chipotle, and Italian. The diary also makes a Juusto variety with goat’s milk which they call – get ready!- Guusto. Whether the milk is from a goat or a cow, you can be sure that your Juusto is made with the best quality milk available.  Amish farmers supply Pasture Pride with the finest milk- cow’s milk contains no BGH, and the milk is shipped to the dairy daily for the freshest possible cheese.  How do you eat Juusto? Well…I’ll save that for another blog post, but let’s just say, you don’t want to eat this cheese cold.  Juusto is made to be warmed until melted and delicious.  Check back soon for a post with tips on how to best enjoy Juusto.

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