Traditional cookies from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Scotland and Denmark are lovingly baked and decorated right here in Wisconsin. 



Springerle Cookies – Germany

Beautiful Springerle cookies are baked in molds and hand-painted with intricate designs.The history of Springerle cookies can be traced back to the 1400s to the areas of Europe that are now Germany and Switzerland.The bakers at Embossed Edibles here in Wisconsin take pride in continuing this artistic tradition.

Biscotti – Italy

Biscotti are crunchy Italian cookies designed for dunking in your coffee, so you have an excuse to have cookies for breakfast! The Wisconsin bakery K-Delights bakes them up and covers them with chocolate, nuts, berries and more.They are available online at

Bratzeli – Switzerland

These buttery cookies are handmade in the town known as Wisconsin's "Little Swizterland" – New Glarus. The New Glarus Bakery bakes these thin, wafer-like cookies in an iron and flavor them with almond.

Shortbread – Scotland

The history of Shortbread cookies dates back to the middle ages in Scotland. They were considered a luxury and enjoyed at Christmas celebrations and weddings.Today, they are still a Christmas favorite but visitors to the Wisconsin Dells enjoy them by the thousands at Cheesecake Heaven Cafe. If you aren't near the Dells, you can still taste this famous cookie by shopping at

Nut Horns – Denmark

A Danish tradition, light and flakey Nut Rolls are handmade in Racine, Wisconsin. Each roll is filled with ground walnuts, cream cheese and topped with icing.They have been a customer favorite for over 20 years and were even featured on the Food Network.