In honor of National Bratwurst Day (August 16th) fire up the grill and cook some Wisconsin bratwurst. Be sure to throw a few extras on the grill so you can use the leftovers to make some of the tasty bratwurst recipes found here on Edible Antics. I’ll even let you in on a little secret: in most recipes you can use bratwurst instead of whatever type of sausage is listed. Here are some examples of my original bratwurst creations:

national-bratwurst-day-1Wisconsin Gumbo. Wisconsin meets Louisanna in this easy crockpot dish. I made it Wisconsin-y by adding bratwurst instead of the usual adouille sausage. My friend Patti tells me she uses duck broth and fish (instead of the shrimp broth and shrimp) in her Wisconsin-style gumbo. That’s why I love cooking, you can take the concept (a gumbo) and make it to fit the food that’s available (bratwurst).






national-bratwurst-day-2Breakfast Bratritos. I am a breakfast fanatic, especially when it comes eggs. I also like to grab my breakfast and run out the door, so one Sunday I made a big patch of breakfast burritos with bratwurst instead of sausage and froze them to eat throughout the week. This also makes the perfect food for an early morning tailgate at Packer, Badger and Brewer games.






Looking for more Bratwurst recipes? Check out some of the creative bratwurst dishes I’ve found on Pinterest:

Bratwurst Pizza – Mark’s family is from Wisconsin, and apparently he passed the “put bratwurst on everything” theory on to his wife, Ana. They post on a blog called A Plus M.

Bratwurst, Jalapeno and Caramelized Onion Potstickers – This if from a blogger who calls herself the Foodette, be warned, her blog is just as sassy as her cooking.

Cupcakewurst – This one doesn’t involve any actual bratwurst, but it’s a pretty impressive resemblence. This recipe is from the Cupcake Project blog.

You can also enter to win bratwurst in Bratwurst giveaway. Click here to enter.

What’s your favorite way to eat bratwurst?