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Touring Wisconsin Food

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Wisconsin Food

Wisconsin Food – So you’re from Wisconsin? What do you eat up there?

Goin’ to Chicago this weekend. Chicago Dad is throwing a party. It’s a pot-luck. Everyone’s supposed to bring something. Since I live in Wisconsin, I’m supposed to bring Wisconsin food.

Gourmet Food Gifts

Dad loves throwing parties, he calls them ‘swarms’. To his past ‘swarms’ I’ve brought Wisconsin cheese. It was a no-brainer, expected and enjoyed by my Illinois relatives. For the pre- and post-party meals, I’ve supplied Dad with Wisconsin ham, bacon, and brats.  Those are his favs. But time to bring something different to the party, something other than cheese.

Since I work at a place that specializes in selling gourmet Wisconsin food, I figured I’d look at the list of top selling Wisconsin foods and pick one of those. If so many folks regularly buy them, they must be good.

But then I was a bit surprised. Are the Illinois relatives ready for this menu of favorite Wisconsin food? Keep reading to see what Wisconsinites REALLY eat when they’re not eating cheese, brats, and beer.

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Summer Starts in Wisconsin with Memorial Day’s Bratwurst Festival!

It’s official! – SUMMER STARTS TODAY!

Grilling Bratwurst


(Yes, your southern Wisconsin thermometer only read 49 degrees this morning. So what? – mercury is hazadous and close contact should be avoided.) Instead, HEED THE REAL SIGN OF SUMMER: BRAT FEST! The world’s largest bratwurst festival STARTS TODAY – in Madison, Wisconsin! Beginning at 11:00 am, Friday, May 23 and going through Memorial Day, Wisconsinites and their neighbors will support Wisconsin charities by consuming as many bratwursts as possible! Every $1.50 brat consumed sends money to numerous local charities.

So buy a bag of brats and slap on the condiments.

Grilling Sauces

(You know you’re in Wisconsin when the keepers of the condiment bars have to keep re-stocking the sauerkraut!)

Not everyone in the family wants a brat? – No problem. Hot dogs and Boca Vegetarian brats are $1.50 also. And of course there will be plenty of Capitol Brewery beer and soda to wash all that good food down.

Madison’s bratwurst festival has grown since it began in the Metcalfe Sentry parking lot at the Hilldale Mall. Now, spreading out on the Alliant Energy Center grounds, the bratwurst grills and picnic tables are surrounded by games and rides for the kids, and stages for live music acts.

Come join the fun and help your neighbors too!

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Wisconsin Goes to the Superbowl, but as a Bratwurst Sausage


Don’t these brats look scrumptious?  Don’t they conjure up images of mouth-watering satisfaction, good times with friends, and of hot, sunny days grilling outside?  Don’t they shout out all that is right with the world?  YES! YES! GIVE ME BRATS! they scream, which is why the marketing department of the New England Patriots has chosen them to be the team’s official game food.  In a move to reap more profits from loyal fans, the Patriots are sponsoring their “own” line of meats – “four lines of bratwurst, three of sausage, and two of hot dogs”, as reported in the Boston Globe. But where does New England get these wonder meats from? – You guessed it, WISCONSIN!!! Now that’s a kicker.  Our Packers didn’t make it to the Superbowl, but our brats sure did!

The Patriots’ marketing staff taste-tested 10 varieties of brats from meat suppliers throughout the U.S.  They report that, “the new line immediately stood out, said David Wheeler, executive director of food and beverage for Gillette Stadium. “I remember thinking that I loved the flavor,” he said, “It was juicy.”

These flavorful, juicy brats have been made ‘the Old World Way’ in Milwaukee, Wisconsin since 1954.  Brewers and Bucks fans enjoy them at every game in Miller Park and the Bradley Center.  They are even the exclusive sausages sold at the Minnesota Twins baseball games!

And now these brats have been adopted as ‘their own’ by the New England Patriots.  The Patriots will be chowing down on them at their training facility, and their fans will be enjoying them in Gillette Stadium. You can get these brats and other meats made the Old World way from Then even though Wisconsin’s Packers won’t be at your Superbowl party, the taste of Wisconsin will be there.

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