209,376 bratwursts were consumed at Madison, Wisconsin’s annual Memorial Day Weekend Bratwurst Festival. Madison’s Brat Fest is the World’s Largest Bratwurst Festival. Starting modestly with a few bratwursts on a Weber grill outside a Madison grocery store in 1983, Brat Fest has grown into a fairground festival entertaining Madison area families with live bands, dancing, carnival rides, Wisconsin specialty foods, and BRATWURSTS!

It now takes 5000 volunteers to support the festival. Many are behind the world’s largest outdoor food counter and serve the thousands of bratwursts, hot dogs, and veggie burgers (only bratwursts count in the record-breaking tally). Wisconsin celebrities and politicians are among those counter-volunteers taking the bratwurst orders. Bratwurst festival proceeds are donated to dozens of Wisconsin charities.

Madison’s rally cry is “Eat a Brat For Charity!” and Wisconsinites step up to the plate. Folks come from all over, guided by the mustard-yellow light that’s been illuminating the Wisconsin state capital building for the past week.  

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