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5 Wisconsin Blueberry Foods for National Blueberry Month in July

July is National Blueberry Month so it’s time to celebrate everything that is red, white, and blueberry! Blueberries are a welcomed addition to jam, baked goods, even fizzy beverages, and when you factor in their anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, blueberries are a winner! Here are 5 Wisconsin blueberry foods to enjoy in July or anytime!

Blueberry Cream Soda – If you love soda but are tired of the same old flavors at the gas station, try Blumer’s Blueberry Cream Soda. For an extra special summer treat, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a blueberry float!


Blueberry Kringle – The Kringle bakers in Racine, Wisconsin bake Kringles with an endless variety of fillings, so if you haven’t tried a blueberry Kringle, National Blueberry Month is the perfect time! Kringles ship nationwide straight from the bakery in Racine so you can enjoy the fresh baked Kringle taste almost anywhere.


Wild Blueberry Citrus Jam – The founders of Lu Austin Brand believe in natural and healthy foods, and the superfood blueberries fit in perfectly to their vision. The Wild Blueberry Citrus Jam blends fresh berries with orange, lemon and a hint of cinnamon that will make the most of your toast.


Blueberry Bran Muffin Mix – Imagine a peaceful grain mill on the banks of a meandering river in the Wisconsin countryside. Now imagine fresh from the oven blueberry muffins with generous amounts of melted butter. This muffin mix is the bridge between the two. A gift set of three flavors makes the perfect gift for the baker in your family.


Blueberry Pie  Julia Child once said that a party without cake is only a meeting. As much as I love Julia, I disagree. Pie can make a party just as well as cake can! If you love pie, check out the Pie of the Month Club, – you can get a pie delivered to your door once a month!



What’s your favorite blueberry food?

July Fourth Desserts!

July fourth desserts!  – Nothing better to motivate kids to great behavior!

July fourth desserts got my kids to finish their hamburgers and corn-on-the-cob dinner. July fourth desserts got them to put down the party’s appetizer bowl of potato chips. July fourth desserts even got them to delay gratifying their sweet tooths earlier in the day. Yes, my children closed that cookie jar when I said if you eat sweets now you’ll miss out on dessert tonight.

July fourth desserts are a parents friend, – when used skillfully. And what parent of two has not achieved an ounce of skill? The trick to this successful, humane child manipulation is to alert the children early in the day to the wondrous desserts that will fill the table after dinner. It’s the old carrot-and-stick technique, but children never jump through hoops for carrots. With the right desserts however, parents are amazed at what good behavior they’ll get. So put away that stick, get baking or shopping, and make your children smile. Keep reading to see my July fourth desserts and get tips on turning devils into angels.

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