Sometimes things that look hard to do are actually easy. So it is with making a lattice pie crust. My grandmother showed me how to weave a lattice crust when I was a child. Years later I forgot. Combining vague memories and problem-solving skills, I figured out how to make a lattice crust again. Here’s how I make it:

lattice-1Roll the pie dough out thin on a well-floured board or counter. Using a knife (I use a steak knife) cut the dough in strips. Lay the longest strip over the middle of the pie. Lay a 2nd strip perpendicular to and over the first strip. lattice-2The two strips should look like a cross. 

Next, lay a 3rd and 4th strip on each side of (parallel to) the first strip, and crossing over the 2nd strip. Then lift half of the 1st strip and lay it back, folded in half over itself. lattice-3 Place a 5th strip parallel to the 2nd strip, and over the 3rd and 4th strips. Then re-extend the 1st strip so it now lays over the 5th strip.

Next, fold the 3rd and 4th strips back over on to themselves. Place a 6th strip, parallel to strips #5 and #2, and over the 1st strip. lattice-4 Then re-extend strips #3 and #4 so that they cross over strip #6.

Keep folding and unfolding alternate strips until you reach the rim of the pie plate.

Turn the pie around and repeat the folding and unfolding process as you add horizontal strips to the opposite side.

Next, turn the pie a quarter and add horizontal strips as you repeatedly fold and unfold the alternating perpendicular strips.

lattice-5Turn the pie again, and add strips to the last quarter of the pie in the same weaving fashion you used for the other quarters.

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