Heaping helpings of healthy salad were my lunch and dinner today. On top of red leaf and iceberg lettuce, I piled raw broccoli, carrots, celery, cucumber, and red onion. Peppers and tomatoes are usual suspects in my healthy salads, but those veggies were expensive at the market yesterday so I went without. But don’t applaud my frugal move, I spent the money instead on Wisconsin blue cheese so I could make homemade blue cheese salad dressing.

I’d been meaning to make this blue cheese salad dressing recipe for a long time now. Although blue cheese spread on a cracker is a bit strong for my taste, I do love blue cheese crumbled on salads or mixed into dressing. Wisconsin makes award-winning blue cheeses, and I was pretty certain that any salad dressing I made out of it would taste great. And it did. Here’s the blue cheese salad dressing recipe I used. Keep reading for more about the salad and why a Wisconsin lumberjack would want it.

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