Back to school ideas for kids’ lunch boxes! Gotta’ get those back to school snacks. Gotta pack those back to school lunches. Gotta get organized. 


Our summer schedule just started feeling routine. Now I’m walking through discount-store aisles with children insisting on plastic folders depicting exact likeness of Harry Potter. School supply list specifies brand, size and quantities of scissors, markers, and glue. Children will accept no substitutions. 

And at the bottom of the list? “Snack”, followed by the school-regulation-defined nutritional content of said “Snack”. “Snack” is not to exceed certain quotients of white sugar or trans-fats. Difficult list, difficult snack. What to get? What to pack?

I ask, “Can I make something?”

Ugh. The school nutrition regulations are burdensome enough. But now I’ve hit the pre-teen specifications for snack appearance. Oh, you wonder moms who snip your toddler’s snacks into glorious shapes of dinosaurs and kitty-cats. You are Sooooo lucky. Remember these beneficent years, for too soon you too will have to CONFORM to the pre-teen regulations specifying the “acceptable snack”.  Keep reading if you need back to school ideas for elusive pre-teen snacks and what to pack in those back to school lunch boxes.

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