What famous duo sings this lyric in which classic song? Hint: The group played at Milwaukee’s 2007 Summer Fest.

Wisconsin 2008 Memorial Day = perfect! – Weather gorgeous! Food and fun had by all at the World’s Largest Brat Fest. Summer’s first night christened with BIG BLACK COW’S on the deck in the evening.

BLACK COWS: Folks in different parts of the country call ’em by different names. But old, young, and every age in-between loves ’em. I grew up calling them Root Beer Floats. Perhaps professional soda fountains concoct them differently. drink-your-1But I make Black Cows out of a  high quality root beer and pour it over the creamiest vanilla ice cream I can get. I stir a little so the cream cuts the root beer’s slight bitterness, sip or spoon it on to my tongue, and my taste buds swoon. Can a person treat a tongue any better?

“Not the tongue,” you admit, “but what about the rest of the body, eh? Those big black cows are no health food!”

Well, true, they should be taken in moderation; just like vitamins. But remember, – ice cream has calcium in it – lots of it! And calcium is not only essential for increasing and maintaining bone density, but confers numerous additional health benefits such as lowering cholesterol, decreasing blood pressure, helping prevent colon cancer, and regulating hormones which affect mood, metabolism, and sleep.

That’s why I’m entering our Big Black Cows in Susan’s Food Blogga Event. The blogging event features foods rich in calcium and raises awareness of the bone disease, osteoporosis. Are you achieving optimal calcium intake?

So here you go, Susan: Two Big Black Cows from America’s Dairyland!

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