Unusual birthday gifts for children and mom. Find gifts of fun, food, and sanity. The first are for the kids, the latter for mom.  Where?

At the most unusual birthday party you’ll ever enjoy. Why? For sanity’s sake.

Two months in and the idyllic care-free dream of summer is turning nightmarish. The kids are so bored that squabbling is their chief amusement.

Increasingly I banish the children to the back yard to duke it out on their own. But within minutes they come back inside. They whine, “There’s nothing to do outside.” Excuse me? Uh, large play-set? Sports equipment studding driveway? Water hose even? I’ve learned not to argue with them. I don’t win. So where’s relief? What to do?

Throw a party. That’s always my answer; parties solve everything. What kind of party? Doesn’t matter, kids like all sorts of parties. They particularly like birthday parties. Can’t think of anyone who’s having a birthday? Still doesn’t matter. That’s when I throw an Un- birthday party.

I explain that Mr. and Mrs Un and the two Un-children are coming. What makes this family unusual is that they all have the same birthday. I tell the kids we’re throwing an unusual birthday party for the Un-family.

Sounds weird? If you try it will your children look at you strangely? Of course, but if you haven’t gotten used to those incredulous stares by now, you’ve lost the upper hand. Better keep reading to find out how to waste a perfectly good summer day having family fun with unusual birthday gifts, cakes and food.

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