The American Cheese Society has declared this week Wisconsin week, and this month American Cheese Month.  In honor of this cheesy celebration, I’m sharing my favorite cheesy places around the web.

Best Cheese Pairing Tool: Cheese Cupid

Matching Wisconsin cheese with the perfect beverage couldn’t be easier thanks to Cheese Cupid.  Just click on the beverage you want to serve and viola, a list of cheeses will appear.  Impress your friends with a wine and Wisconsin cheese party.

Best Wisconsin Cheese Blog: Cheese Underground

Jeanne Carpenter of Madison, WI writes Cheese Underground, which mostly focuses on Wisconsin cheese but she also shares other cheese adventures, like pictures from her recent trip to France that made me want to hop on the next flight to Paris.

Best of Cheese on Twitter: @culturecheese

The twitter account for Cheese Culture magazine, @culturecheese is always tweeting the latest “word on cheese”.  From now until Nov. 4, 2011 the mag is running a contest trying to find blood curdling Dairy Scary stories.

Best Edible Antics Cheese Post: 5 Things to Do With A Cheese Curd

Did you know microwaving curds for 3-5 seconds makes them extra squeaky? Whether you’re a curd nerd or a curd newb, there’s something to learn on this entertaining blog post.

Best Wisconsin Cheese Gift: Cheese of the Month Club

What’s better than the gift of Wisconsin cheese? A gift of Wisconsin cheese every month for 12 months.  Members of the Cheese of the Month will receive just that, along with a welcome packet that includes information on each award-winning cheese, cheesemakers, and a comment sheet to write tasting notes and keep track of your favorite cheese varieties.

Best Wisconsin Cheese Recipes: Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board

Edible Antics has some great Wisconsin cheese recipes, but I can’t compete with the WMMB.  In addition to their huge list of cheese recipes, the WMMB also created two obscenely delicious looking websites: The Cheese and Burger Society and The Grilled Cheese Academy.