Bosses Day – Who are the best bosses who inspire their employees to throw them a party on Bosses Day? What makes a great boss?

Bosses Day is coming up and yesterday a woman called to order gourmet food for her bosses. She had just ordered on-line a large party basket and a large gift box of elk and buffalo summer sausage. Now she called back to add organic crackers to her order. I didn’t know all this party food was going to her bosses until we were finishing her order and she dictated her gift message, “To Shannon and Mark, You’re The Best!” from “Your Employees”.

So this is sweet, I cynically mused. This office is throwing an office party under the ruse of Bosses Day. How could any boss refuse a company party when the boss is the guest of honor? Crafty employees. I anticipated typing in the company’s credit card number to pay for all this gourmet food.

But I didn’t get a company credit card number. The credit card was a personal one. Then I realized that the woman ordering the gifts was 1000 miles away from the bosses. If the bosses threw a party for bosses day, she wasn’t going to be there. Were these other appreciative employees also 1000 miles away?

I began to wonder, who are Shannon and Mark, – these best bosses? They must be incredible people to inspire such warm feelings in the people who work for them. What makes these people the best bosses on Bosses Day? Keep reading.

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