Unusual baby gifts, – for usual mothers.

The most unusual baby gift I ever gave was a tiny, sterling-silver rattle. Yes odd, perhaps impractical because it was sterling, this baby gift was purchased by a naive, 23-year-old who had neither interest in nor desire for a baby. But within hours I would attend a co-worker’s baby shower. I needed a baby gift – FAST!

To the rescue came my own mother who whisked me into the nearest gift shop. The ONLY baby gift the store supplied was that sterling-silver rattle. Mom said it would do.

The precious rattle certainly surprised the party’s soon-to-be mother. She carefully laid it atop the other more practical baby gifts. I read her mind.¬†She thought, “This baby gift is too nice to ever give to a baby.”

Following are more unusual baby gifts, some practical, others not, but definitely fun.

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