Beer brats and knockwurst

These sausages top the list of favorite Wisconsin foods. Grill brats, broil brats, steam brats, or fry brats, any way you cook bratwurst, some Wisconsinite will coming running with a pint of beer to help you cook and party.

Sheboygan Bratwurst

Cook knockwurst too and show you’re in the know of good German-Wisconsin food.

No, sauerkraut isn’t a required side-dish for your bratwurst or knockwurst. But skip serving it and you’ll miss out on a healthy veggie. Now I understand that some folks, -the un-initiated, fear the pickled cabbage. In which case, German potato salad can stand in instead.

But how to cook beer bratwurst and knockwurst sausages? Keep reading for some recipes from Wisconsin chefs.

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