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Touring Wisconsin Food

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Beer in Food and Other Unexpected Places

Beer Bread It’s no secret that in Wisconsin we like beer.  We like beer so much we put beer in food whenever possible- like beer brats and beer cheese soup.  We even like to come up with new ways to use beer- like in an unexpected recipe or even in soap! A beer gift makes a great Father’s Day  surprise, so here’s a list of my top 5 favorite Wisconsin beer related foods and gifts.

1. Beer Brats – A secret to delicious Wisconsin beer brats is a quick boil in some Wisconsin beer.  Save a step and send your brats straight to the grill with precooked red lager beer brats.  They are already boiled so all you have to do is seer them on the grill, pop them into a bun and top with your favorite brat toppings.  Perfect for a Father’s Day cookout.

2. Beer Cheese Soup– On my previous post I wondered if beer cheese soup was Wisconsin’s OFFICIAL soup, and according to my Twitter followers ( @Wisconsinmade ) it actually is! Who knew?

3. Beer Bread– Beer bread is a perfect accompaniment for soup and chili, but if you aren’t much of a  baker, don’t worry because there are plenty of tasty beer bread mixes out there.

4. Beer Soap- No, that’s not a typo, I do mean SOAP not SOUP.  Talk about an unexpected place to find beer!  This Wisconsin beer Soap Gift set is free of unnecessary chemicals and preservatives, but it does have beer from the Capital Brewery in Middleton, Wisconsin.

5. Drink Your Beer and Eat It Too Cookbook – When I first saw this beer cookbook I expected your standard beer recipes like beer brats and beer soup, and sure enough, this book has that! It also has some surprising uses for beer like in baked pork chops or desserts like gingerbread. A great gift for a Dad who likes to spend time in the kitchen.


Beer Brats and Knockwurst

Beer brats and knockwurst

These sausages top the list of favorite Wisconsin foods. Grill brats, broil brats, steam brats, or fry brats, any way you cook bratwurst, some Wisconsinite will coming running with a pint of beer to help you cook and party.

Sheboygan Bratwurst

Cook knockwurst too and show you’re in the know of good German-Wisconsin food.

No, sauerkraut isn’t a required side-dish for your bratwurst or knockwurst. But skip serving it and you’ll miss out on a healthy veggie. Now I understand that some folks, -the un-initiated, fear the pickled cabbage. In which case, German potato salad can stand in instead.

But how to cook beer bratwurst and knockwurst sausages? Keep reading for some recipes from Wisconsin chefs.

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