beer-cheese-festivalThe Isthmus Beer and Cheese Festival happens every January in Madison, Wisconsin. I’m a little late, but I had such a fun time I absolutely must write about it! I’ll also share my tips for what to do before, during, and after the beer cheese fest!


Make pretzel necklaces. This was my first visit to the beer and cheese festival, but my friend and coworker Hannah had been before. She insisted that we make pretzel necklaces. Serious beer and cheese fest attendees know that pretzel necklaces are convenient for cleansing your pallet in between beer samples, but more importantly, a salty snack.  A warning from an experienced pretzel necklace wearer- don’t try to hug anyone while wearing your pretzel necklace or your pretzels will end up in pieces on the floor!

Eat something! Yes, there are plenty of cheese samples, and even a few food vendors to buy snacks from, but there is even more beer to taste, so don’t leave the house unless you’ve had enough to eat.


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