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5 Main Dish Ideas for New Years Eve

5-main-dish-ideasIn a few days I will be hosting a New Years Eve dinner for the first time! If you haven’t figured it out from my blog, I am crazy about cooking and entertaining, so I’ve put plenty of thought into this dinner. Two other couples will be joining my hubby and I so I wanted to serve a meat dish for the main course that would be easy to prepare in large quantities. I haven’t narrowed it down yet, but here are my ideas:

Pork Tenderloin- Pork tenderloin is one of my personal favorites, especially when it’s served with baked apples. Cooking one big tenderloin and then slicing it to serve guests is easier than grilling individual pork chops, just be careful not to overcook or under-cook the pork! Overcooked pork can be dry and tough, and undercooked pork might give your guests a very unhappy New Year. Use a meat thermometer and play close attention while your meat is cooking. Another option is to get a high quality pre-cooked tenderloin that you can reheat, like this honey glazed pork loin by Nueske Applewood Smoked Meats. Your guests will never know the difference, and you can sit back and enjoy the party.

Ham – Most of the year I only enjoy ham on sandwiches, but when the holidays come around, ham takes center stage. There always seems to be leftovers when it comes to ham so you can enjoy it in scrambled eggs, sandwiches, and much more in January. Like the tenderloin, you can also purchased pre-cooked ham by Nueske Applewood Smoked Meats.

Prime Rib- Prime rib is the ultimate celebration food, so it’s a great choice to make New Years Eve extra special. Again, use a meat thermometer to ensure your prime rib is perfectly cooked.

Beef Tenderloin- Beef tenderloin is an elegant dish that is completely worthy of the last meal of the year and like the pork tenderloin, it is easy to cook, cut and serve to a group of guests. Enjoy it with some red wine and a potato side dish.

Beef Stew- Beef stew is a bit more rustic that the other options, but just as tasty! You can even make it the day ahead and reheat it for the party since beef stew gets better when it sits for a day. Serve your beef stew with egg noodles, rice or potatoes, plus plenty of bread to mop up the stew!

What’s your favorite dish to eat on New Years Eve?


Recipe For Relaxation: Taking Time To Cook Gourmet Food And Saving Money Too

“The food you cook at home is better than the food you get a restaurant,” asserted Kay.

“Some is,” I nodded in agreement, but inwardly I was not so sure. I’d had some wonderful meals at restaurants. And I still felt bad about burning the kids’ grilled cheese sandwiches the night before.

“How did that happen, Mommy?” my six-year-old had asked as he’d watched the smoke rise.

“Hm, I wasn’t paying attention,” I frankly answered him. “I was busy doing something else.” I had looked at this small person and could tell he was thinking about the butter and bread crumbs I’d burned the previous night. This is the topping I always recommend to parents to bury vegetables under so kids will unwittingly eat them. That night, dirty dishes drew my hands and eyes from the stove top, the butter had smoked, the pan scorched, and the kids fussed about eating naked zucchini. But back to the burned grilled cheese. The secret to rising from the ashes from this charred meal is to only grill two sandwiches at a time. You see, never does the entire grilled cheese sandwich burn, well nearly never. So you can salvage the meal by cutting the sandwiches in half, giving the less-burned halves to your offspring while you make one more sandwich to which you now can direct your full attention because your children are busy at the table scrutinizing their half sandwiches. You make this third sandwich pretty well, cut it in half, give each child a half, and then you join them at the table with the left-over, burned halves from the first two sandwiches. True, the black charcoal is poor in taste, but it’s high in charred carbon. And such carbon does a magnificent job at sopping up excess stomach acid, which you no doubt have, given that you were so frantically busy you burned the grilled cheese in the first place. So just quickly eat the burned grilled cheese then rush everyone off to the dog’s puppy class.

But this evening with Kay was different. My kids were away with their dad, her daughter is grown and her husband working. The two of us were taking time to relax with my home-cooked gourmet meal. I’d bought the beef tenderloin on sale, so I was saving money too. With quiet music playing, candlelight on the dining room table, and a bottle of wine, Kay and I were pretending we were luxuriating at the White Gull Inn. The White Gull Inn is a famous Wisconsin restaurant on the Door County peninsula. People with money and well-behaved children make pilgrimages to the White Gull Inn to feast on fine Wisconsin food. In truth, I’ve never been there, but I have their cookbook, which is a blessing in itself. So for this relaxing evening with Kay, I prepared the White Gull Inn’s recipe for stuffed tenderloin filet. Click on “Continue reading…” for the recipe.

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