Garden gifts of corn! Bring that outdoor garden gift of corn into the kitchen and see what happens.

When the garden gives too much corn, the kids make corn(y) food art. The art projects started simple enough with my 10-year-old daughter crafting corn people with vegetable faces. Her seven-year-old brother seemed disinterested; he appeared happy sticking thumb tacks into two old finger-potatoes.

But when his sister unwittingly left the room…Attack!

Her corn people were taken hostage with a potato gun! Would she ever see them again?!

Of course she would. I,the food art, corn police, was standing right there mixing up the cornbread. Keep reading to see the happy smile of Mrs. Corn upon the safe return of her kidnapped son. Also get an easy cornbread recipe. But the best of all?

Get a scrumptious breakfast recipe for blueberry croissant puff. Croissant in a garden-gift-of-corn post? The cornbread recipe made too much for my little family so I used cornbread instead of croissants. – Terrific…and practical. And these puffs look so pretty and taste so light and sweet that I’ll serve them to special guests as a dinner dessert.

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