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Touring Wisconsin Food

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5 Wisconsin Foods That Are In My Fridge Right Now

A recent article in the Wisconsin State Journal says that Wisconsin came in at number nine on a list that ranks states based on their access to local food. This had me curious about what kind of local foods I have on hand, so I opened up my fridge to see if I could find five Wisconsin-made items, and here are the first five I found. I bet there’s more in there, especially if I count the beers!5-wisc-foods-in-my-fridge



1. Quince and Apple Fig and Black Tea Preserves – You might not have this in your fridge, but you should! I use it in a fancy pizza recipe, but it also makes a perfect pairing for Wisconsin cheese and crackers.

2. Cedar Grove Cheddar – I have Wisconsin cheese in my fridge! Shocker! This particular block of cheese comes from Cedar Grove. I like their cheese because they never use growth hormones on the cows that produce the milk, plus it tastes awesome of course!

3. Wisconsin Mustard – My family loves mustard, and we frequent the Mustard Museum in Middleton, Wisconsin where we can buy mustard from all over the USA and even the world, but our go-to mustard- Silver Springs Beer n’ Brat Mustard- is made right here in Wisconsin!

4. Howling Wolf BBQ Sauce – Howling Wolf BBQ Sauce comes in three flavors and I keep my favorite, Cranberry Orange, on hand at all times. The sauce adds a sweet and tangy flavor to chicken, ribs, pulled pork, and anything else my stomach desires.

5. Wisconsin Maple Syrup – Growing up I always topped my pancakes with fake syrup, but now I’m addicted to the real deal! I have to eat tons of waffles and pancakes to make up for the wasted years. I also like to use maple syrup in recipes- it adds a richness and depth of flavor that regular old sugar just can’t beat.

Even if you don’t live in Wisconsin, you can still enjoy all of these Wisconsin foods and many more by shopping at!

What Wisconsin foods are in your fridge right now?

Wisconsin’s Favorite Grilling Foods

Grilling season is upon us, so fire up those grills because cookout season is here! We have a few must-have Wisconsin grilling foods to make your barbeque, cookout or party this summer an event to remember.

We have over 25 varieties of bratwurst for you to choose from including beer brats, Sheboygan brats, cheddar brats and many authentic German style bratwursts.  We also have a fine selection of beef steaks for those hearty beef lovers you will be grilling for. To accompany those steaks and brats we have some special grilling sauces to make them even tastier.

Bratwurst – Brats are Wisconsin’s number one grilling food. Some of the best bratwursts in Wisconsin come from Bavaria Sausage Kitchen, a Madison, Wisconsin establishment that creates old world, German style sausages. People say they taste just like the real deal in Germany. If you can’t make it to Madison to try them, the helpful folks at will have some shipped anywhere in the continental USA.

Barbeque Grilling Sauces – Wisconsin is also home to the barbeque grilling experts Mad Dog and Merrill. This duo of “Grillologist” hosts a show called Midwest Grill’n, and have their own line of sauces, marinades, and even a cookbook. A Mad Dog and Merrill gift set is the perfect gift for the start of grilling season. You will find grilling recipes and tips.

Gourmet Hot Dogs – Gourmet hot dogs are a big culinary trend right now. Be sure to start out with a quality hot dog like Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Wieners then top it with out-of-the-box ingredients like special relishes, pickled onions, or gourmet mustards.

Beef Steaks – These exceptional hand-selected filet mignon steaks are cut from the heart of the Tenderloin, and are known for their unsurpassed flavor and consistency. Each filet mignon steak is carefully aged by Neesvig’s and quick-frozen to retain every drop of juiciness, and flavor. Each extra trim filet mignon is a 4 oz. steak — your choice of 4 steaks or 8 steaks

Made in America Products for Grilling


Keep your cookout local with these made in America products for grilling. With record breaking warm temperatures here in Madison we’re all heading outside to cook and enjoy the weather.



Cedar Planks– Cooking with cedar planks is a technique that infuses a woodsy cedar flavor into your cooking. Just soak the plank in some water then place it on the grill, then place your food of choice on top of the planks. The planks will flavor any type of meat or vegetable, but my favorite use of the cedar plank is cooking grilled fish.





Grilling Set- Show your team spirit while you flip burgers and you’ll be the talk of the tailgate with this Packers grilling set. It is also available with other Wisconsin team logos including Wisconsin Badgers and Milwaukee Brewers.






Bratwurst– Grocery store brats are fine but why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary. The best place in the USA to get bratwurst is Bavaria Sausage Kitchen in Madison, Wisconsin. They use old world recipes to create distinctive bratwurst that put those grocery store brands to shame. In fact, the founders of Bavaria Sausage Kitchen claim they introduced the bratwurst to Wisconsin.





BBQ Sauce- I have the cranberry orange flavor of Howling Wolf barbecue sauce in my fridge right now, and sometimes I’m tempted to pour it in a glass and drink it because I like it so much! If you would rather eat your barbecue sauce on food instead of drink it, visit the Howling Wolf blog for recipe ideas.





Grilling Cookies- After a savory meal of cedar plank salmon or bratwurst or barbecued chicken, you will be craving something sweet, so celebrate the grill with these gorgeous hand decorated sugar cookies. These also make a memorable gift for the grill master in your life.

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