Mid-day Friday a friend called asking me what was for dinner. She was running away from home and sought refuge at my house. That was a mis-guided step, I mused, – not the running away part, – all moms do that. When the kids are little mothers retreat to the bathroom and feign digestive trouble. But my friend had teens; the bathroom wouldn’t work, – she had to leave her house. That she wanted to come to mine was her mistake.

I replied we were having barbecued pork, done in the crock-pot, rice and salad and there would be plenty for her. “Great,” she answered, “I’ll be over at 6:30.” You see, even moms of teens can’t flee on a dime. Everything still has to be planned and arrangements made. True, sitters don’t have to be corralled, just the car retrieved.

Her work delayed her arrival but it didn’t matter. The great thing about this dinner was I could make it ahead of time in the crock-pot and then serve it when people were ready to eat. I like dinners like this. Make it in the morning and in the evening the salad is chilling in the ‘fridge, the rice is keeping warm in the rice cooker and the barbecued pork is simmering in the crock-pot and smelling delicious. I  suppose the only real challenge was not eating it as soon as my kids and I arrived home from our own hectic, afternoon activities. Click on “Continue reading…” for the recipe and more of the story.

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