Steak rolled with bacon and parsley looks elegant and tastes delicious. It’s prepared in the morning, popped into the oven one hour before guests arrive, and comes out ready to serve and enjoy. 

I made it Saturday night when old friends were coming for dinner. I wanted to visit with my guests in the family room rather than with my pots and pans in the kitchen. That’s why I chose to make this rolled flank steak dinner ahead of time.

The recipe originated with a close friend of my mom’s. Our families regularly got together for an evening’s dinner and entertainment. We created our entertainment. We’d play games like charades, or Pictionary, or action puzzlers in which a person would leave the room then return to figure out some secret behavior the rest of us were doing. After dinner the show tunes would hit the stereo and we’d produce our in-house karaoke. Mom’s friend would stroll around the room as Dolly while we sang ‘Hello Dolly!’ Then her daughter became Judy Garland singing ‘I Got Rhythm!’

With so much fun to be had with friends, there was no time to spend fussing with temperamental food in the kitchen. That ‘s why the recipes selected for our parties were always those that could be made ahead of time and appear on the table when we were ready to eat.

Easy steak dinner Last Saturday night I wasn’t going to ask my guests to sing. But I did want to hear all about what they’d been doing. That’s why when they arrived this rolled flank steak was in the oven beside the wild rice and barley pilaf. A tossed green salad was ready in the refrigerator. When we chose to eat, delicious food came to the table. What a good time.

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