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Fun Cupcake Ideas for Father’s Day

In honor of Father’s Day I’ve rounded up some fun cupcake ideas for all different types of dads. These cupcakes are much more memorable and infinitely tastier than the usual tie gift.



Golf Cupcakes from Simple Girl


 Dad will enjoy these adorable cakes before he hits the links. You can even write him a special note on the flags.

 Fishing Cupcakes from Tidy Mom blogfun-cupcake-2

Give your dad a tasty snack for his next fishing trip. These super cute cupcakes are topped with blue icing and a fish fruit snack on a fishing poll made out of a tooth pick and some thread.










 Lawn Mower Cupcakes from Disney Family Fun fun-cupcake-3


I know a few dads who actually enjoy mowing the lawn, so if this applies to your dad, these are the cupcakes for him. The mower is made out of chocolate candies and black licorice, and the grass is coconut with green food coloring. These cute cupcakes are fun, easy to decorate and guaranteed to make dad smile.








Brats on the Grill Brownies from Edible Antics



I made these creative cupcakes for dads who love to grill. These tiny bratwursts are actually Hot Tamale candies on a brownie grill. I suppose you could use cupcake batter instead of brownies. I would just fill the cupcake tins with a little less batter than usual so the cakes don’t rise over the edge. This will give you a flatter surface to put the decorations on.

For more Father’s Day gift ideas and Wisconsin food, visit my Pinterest boards.

Cooking and Baking Disasters: The Tale of the Bleeding Cake

I talk a good game with all of my cooking and baking tips, but the truth is I’ve had some major kitchen disasters. There have been awesome triumphs too, but the failures are more fun to talk about.  The story of how I made perfect muffins is WAY less interesting than the time I made a bleeding cake.  Yep, that’s right, a bleeding cake.

I grew up in the south and one day I discovered the joy of red velvet cake. This is what a red velvet cake is suppose to look like:

Red Velvet Cake

I bought some red velvet cake mix so I could try it at home.  I baked up two layers and anxiously awaited my delicious cake. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to put the icing on and dig in.  I thought the cake was “cool enough” and started icing.  This is when I discovered that red velvet cake mix is just chocolate cake mix with some red food dye.   The still hot cake caused the red dye to turn the white icing red, and this created creepy blood like red drops running down the side of the cake as the icing melted- not very appetizing. I was so embarrassed at the time I didn’t take a picture so please enjoy the Microsoft Paint rendering of the event:

Ok, maybe my amateur sketch is a little exaggerated…. the cake didn’t have red eyes and angry eye brows, but you get the idea. So the moral of the story?

1) Wait until your cake is COMPLETELY cool before icing it, or leave the cake baking to the professionals.

2) Kitchen disasters can turn into fun cooking stories.

3) Kitchen disasters can sometimes lead to cool Halloween party ideas, like a bleeding cake!

Have you had some funny cooking and baking mishaps? Comment below and tell me your story.

WI Summer Fun Continues: Gourmet Food Artisans Party In Green County And I Find A New Zucchini Bread Recipe

Granted, signs of fall abound. Trees are starting to turn, kids are back in school, and summer’s death nell, Labor Day, came and went. But summer parties in Wisconsin continue. The fun won’t run inside until the first snows fall. Check out Wisconsin Travel for a list of all the outdoor, fall festivals that are still to come throughout Wisconsin.

This weekend, on Sep. 12, gourmet food and drink enthusiasts will gather in New Glarus, WI for the ‘Bounty of Green County’. The festival will be a gourmand’s dream; spread across the beautiful grounds of the New Glarus Brewing Co. and over-looking the town of New Glarus, artisan booth after booth will offer samples of locally-made cheeses, chocolates, bakery breads, sausages, candies, and desserts. You know the party will be grand because they’ll be lots of beer flowing from The New Glarus Brewery. Don’t just spot the Spotted Cow Ale, drink it too.

And don’t worry that this is a Wisconsin-orgy weekend. The Bounty of Green County is a highly educational event. As you eat and drink you can discuss the intricacies of cheese-making, beer-brewing, sausage-meistering, baking, and dairy farming with the Wisconsinites who passionately produce these gourmet foods. Get tips for your own cooking, watch cooking demonstrations, find out how the beer’s brewed, and discover which beers to pair with which cheeses. (To qualify as a Wisconsin gourmet this pairing knowledge is required.)

Yes, they’ll be live music throughout the day, and then a culmination of events with the evening’s ‘Feast’. Get tickets now for a multi-course dinner featuring artisanal foods created in Green County and prepared by gourmet chefs. Think of the feast as a fall kick-off. With this much great food available so close by, we’ll be set for winter.

Meanwhile, summer isn’t over in my garden; I’m still harvesting zucchini. Click on “Continue reading…” for a new recipe for zucchini bread. This one has chocolate in it!

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‘B’ is for Blessed By Bland Banana Bread – or: One Child’s Treat is Mother’s Tasteless Calories

b-for-bread-image1Last weekend I baked banana bread.  I used the recipe from my decades-old, standard issue, cooking bible. You probably have it. It’s the internationally acclaimed manual on how to cook anything. But in this post, I think it best to withhold the book’s identity. However, maybe the book warrants its reputation because my kids and the neighbor kids declared the banana bread the Very Best Banana Bread they’d ever eaten! “Make it again, Mommy!” they cried. “When pigs fly,” I muttered.

The bread had a decent banana taste because I super-maxed the banana content with my over-abundance of overly-ripe bananas. Otherwise, the bread tasted like white flour. Admittedly, I used only 2/3 of the white sugar called for (I always reduce the sugar proportion in baked goods). But even if I had added the extra 1/3 cup of sugar, it just would have tasted like semi-sweetened white flour, nuanced with banana.

The recipe was minimalistic – flour, soda, shortening, eggs, sugar, banana, and only enough salt so a cardiac arrest patient wouldn’t feel completely deprived. It didn’t even call for vanilla extract. To be fair, the recipe suggested additions of apricots and walnuts, but I knew these would elicit disgusted exclamations of “Eeewwww!” from my children. When I realized it would taste as bland as milk toast, I tried to salvage it by sprinkling cinnamon on the top right before I popped it into the oven. The cinnamon’s effect was purely aesthetic.

b-for-bread-image2But the kids LOVED it! They ate it for snacks and breakfast. They were thrilled to learn that a second loaf waited in the freezer. (Yes, I had bananas enough for two loaves.) As I anticipate having age-spotted bananas in the future, I send out this request to you, dear readers, for a banana-bread recipe that BOTH children and adults enjoy.

Please don’t take my grumbling too seriously however, because the making of the banana bread accomplished a higher purpose.

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