Juusto oven baked cheese Now that you know all about Juusto , you need ideas for how to eat it.  Between the suggestions I received from Facebook and Twitter  friends to the ideas from the cheesemakers at Pasture Pride Cheese, I have more ideas than I can fit in just one post.  So here is a list – you know how I love my top five lists– of ways to enjoy Juusto with minimal cooking. I’ll test out some of the more cooking intensive (but still easy of course) recipes at home and report back in future posts, but for now enjoy these simple preparations. All of these ideas taste best with warmed Juusto- to warm it, place it in a skillet, microwave or oven for a few minutes.

1. Breakfast- Drizzle warmed Juusto with honey, maple syrup, or jam– you get bonus points if your drizzle is made in Wisconsin! Enjoy the Juusto with your morning coffee.  Some cheeselovers even dip it in the coffee, yum!

2. Appetizer- Cut the warmed Jalapeno Juusto in to strips and serve with salsa– no one will miss the chips!

3. Pizza Lover’s Delight- Cut warmed Juusto into strips. Dunk the strips in pizza sauce.  Kids will love this one, especially with Italian flavored Juusto.

4. Go Vegetarian- This is probably my favorite Juusto tip! Use in the place of meat for a real cheeseburger.  Warm up a burger sized hunk of Juusto then put it on a bun with your favorite burger toppings.

5.Go Low-Carb- Take a full piece of Juusto and carefully slice it in half so you have two thin peices that are the same size as the original piece. Use the cheese as your bread- add mustard and ham for a low-carb ham sandwich.