Personalized gifts – Turning the ordinary into the unique. How to please both parent and pre-teen:

Personalized gifts are the answer for a segment of the adult population with a particular problem, – those of us with pre-teen children. Sure, folks in other demographics prefer personalized gifts to the mass-produced. Personalized gifts communicate special thoughtfulness. And they tend to be of higher quality and value.

But what to do when you want to give a unique gift, and your recipient wants the mass-produced? Sound strange?, not to some of us.

The other day my pre-teen daughter told me that she feels different from everyone else. She doesn’t fit in she told me.

I said, “Get used to it…Just like your body is changing, so is your mind. Do you know how those adolescent puppies don’t fit their paws and they stumble around, bounding into walls? Well, that’s the pre-teen, in body … AND mind. Your idea of who you are doesn’t fit into your idea of your surroundings. And it won’t for about four more years. So get used to it. But don’t believe it. Everyone else thinks you fit in just fine. In fact, you’d be surprised how many of your friends, busy thinking they don’t fit in, think that you do. So it’s a mind-game you can’t win. Try not to play.”

Did she listen? No. For her 11th birthday cake she requested an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. She craves the ordinary, -the cake that in no way will stand out as unique.

“Ugh,” I groaned. I had anticipated her refusal of the plastic zoo animals I always put on the children’s cakes after I frost them. I’d been willing to leave those off my homemade, created with TLC, cake. But Dairy Queen? Keep reading for how we compromised, – the personalized gift trick.

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