Tailgating – Unusual places where Wisconsin Badgers parties ‘happen’

If you thought tailgating parties happen only on the back of a truck, you haven’t been to Wisconsin. Or maybe you have yet to experience the heady rush of tailgating with Wisconsin Badger fans.

Wisconsin folk, especially Wisconsin football fans, are misunderstood. If we’re given a thought beyond “the fly-over zone people who fish through the ice” that thought is about how absolutely ordinary (subtext: dull), decent (subtext: staid), and traditional (subtext: unoriginal) we are.

But on the contrary, just
this passed Saturday,
I witnessed  -in Wisconsin – Wisconsin Badgers fans engaged in a spontaneous activity reminiscent of 1960’s-era partying. It was a free-love frenzy, and it happened in COSTCO.

That discount chain-store was the happening place where Badgers fans, deprived of Camp Randall tickets, gathered.

Keep reading for more of the tailgating tale and find out what those Bucky fans ate.

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