There are many variations on the Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich ( BLT), but the standard must-have ingredients are bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo and bread. Even the standard version can have variations though.   You can slice the tomato thick or thin. You can make your BLT with white bread, wheat bread, cracked wheat, whole grain or put in on a croissant. And the lettuce can vary too – you can use iceberg lettuce, Romaine, leaf lettuce, and my favorite, bib lettuce.

Personally, I think the tomato and bacon are the most important ingredients. Fresh ripe locally grown tomatoes are the best and, if they are from your own vegetable garden, they are even better. And the Bacon – well,  you can’t go wrong with the delicious, savory  flavor of applewood smoked bacon. Using high quality bacon is the key to a scrumptious BLT and  Nueske’s  has one of the best. You can get it thick or thin sliced and you can cook it well done so it is crisp or keep it tender.

Some fun variations on the classic  BLT’s are  added ingredients such as avocado or bean sprouts. Other variations replace the mayo with mustard or add mustard to the mix. And some just take out the lettuce all together. Here are more variations.

How fortunate we are here in Wisconsin because it is summer and,  about the same time that the tomato is ripening on the vine and ready for picking, the farmers are harvesting sweet corn.  What a great time of year – Sweet Corn and Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwiches made with fresh juicy ripe tomatoes.