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Touring Wisconsin Food

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Wisconsinmade in Sawyer and Shawano counties

Edible Antics is traveling this week to Sawyer and Shawano counties in Wisconsin.  We are finding the special Supper Clubs, bakeries, meat markets, breweries, bike trails, wineries, bed and breakfasts, parks, attractions and anything Wisconsinmade we think you might enjoy in each county we visit.  We’ll post to our Edible Antics recommendations for each county alphabetically by county.

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Bacon! Bacon!


Bacon selection

Everything is better with bacon, right?  Fall in Wisconsin is starting and it is the season of festivals.  Many of them food related.  We will cover some of them over the next few weeks.  This weekend it is the River Falls Bacon Bash.  This festival features all things bacon, pig-themed activities, live music, merchandise from local artists and bacon vendors over the September 19-20 weekend.  There will be sampling of bacon related products from River Falls restaurants and food vendors.  About 40 vendors will be showcasing their products such as specialty sauces, ice cream, arts, crafts and novelty items.


bacon sampler

The Kinnickinnic River is a world-class trout stream with over 8,000 trout per mile in some stretches. The “Kinni” flows through the City of River Falls and provides a beautiful backdrop to the Bacon Bash.

All over Wisconsin you can find small meat markets that supply local residents with fresh beef, pork, chicken, fish and game meats. Bacon is a staple for most of them.


bacon wrapped filets

Wisconsinmade has a featured selection bacon sampler that includes hickory and cherrywood smoked bacon.  Or how about a bacon slab where you can cut yours to any thickness you like.  Also available on are bacon wrapped beef filets, breakfast meats assortment sampler, bacon carmel corn popcorn (it’s delish) and even bacon treats for your dog.  


Bacon Carmel Corn

So if you can’t make it to River Falls this weekend for their Bacon Bash 2015 be sure to drop by and stock up on great Wisconsinmade bacon.

Made with pride and passion in Wisconsin. 

Bacon On A Stick!

4C_WSF_stacked_datedThe Wisconsin State Fair is underway with all the treats and attractions you can imagine.


A wisconsin State Fair Cream Puff pastry

There is of course the world famous Cream Puffs.  As you move through the line you can observe the production process as it happens.

Of course there are brats and beer.   But there is also a large selection of more exotic foods.  Shark bites and alligator bites are two of them.

alligaotr bites

Alligator bites

And how about those items that are “on a stick?” Ok, so here are a few:


Chocolate covered cranberries on a stick

chocolate bacon on a stick

Chocolate covered bacon on a stick

cheesecake on a stick

cheesecake on a stick

Something for everyone!

How about deep fried bacon wrapped tater tots on a stick!

bacon wrapped tater tots

“Lug Nuts” – bacon wrapped tater tots

The winners in the annual Wisconsin State Fair meats competition have been announced.  Congratulatins to Tim Haen of Haen Meat Packing in Kaukauna for his first place bacon and another first place for his Jalapeno Cheese Summer Sausage.

It seems everyone agrees that if it has bacon – it’s better. agrees and includes a smoked bacon sampler and more from Jones Dairy.  One pound of each – cheerywood smoked and hickory smoked bacon.  Yum!

The Wisconsin State Fair is a wonderful day of fun and treats for all.  If you are in the Milwaukee area in early August plan to spend a day here.  If you can’t make it, many of the fine items Made with Pride and Passion by the Artisans of Wisconsin are available on

7 Reasons Why Brunch Rocks!

Why i love brunch


I enjoyed a lovely trip out to brunch this weekend at the Bassett Street Brunch Club, and this trendy new spot made me reflect on all of the reasons why I love brunch.  Here are the top 7!

  1. You get to enjoy breakfast foods without waking up early. 
  2. Drinking in the middle of the day is perfectly acceptable and even encouraged. 
  3. Bloody Marys. Confession- I do not like bloody marys but I want to like them so badly. I get jealous when all of my friends have drinks with cheese sticks and bacon and pickles sticking out of them and all I have is a dinky mimosa. I’ve been known to order bloodys and eat all of the toppings out of them and leave the tomato juice. For the best bloody mary mixes and fixens around, check out
  4. Since you’re eating two meals (breakfast AND lunch) you can eat twice as much. And the calories don’t count! Right?! Please tell me there is scientific evidence to back this up.
  5. Poached eggs! The only time I ever get poached eggs is at brunch because despite my love for cooking I can never get these right!
  6. BACON! I hope you aren’t thinking “bacon is way over” because I’ll never get tried of bacon. Bacon on the side, bacon in pancakes, bacon on the donuts, bacon in the Bloody Mary, bacon everywhere! For the best bacon around, try some Nueske bacon.
  7. Giant plates of sweet pancakes or french toast or crepes with whipped cream and chocolate are an acceptable meal! It’s a sweet tooth’s dream come true.

What’s your favorite thing about brunch? What are your favorite places to eat brunch in Wisconsin?

5 Weird Cooking Tips That Actually Work

Most of the weird cooking tips you hear are bogus, but some weird cooking tips actually work! The only way to know for sure is to try them yourself, so here are 5 weird cooking tips that I can personally vouch for. 

1. Instead of adding milk and sugar to your coffee, try adding a spoonful of vanilla ice cream. I learned this tip from a fan on the Facebook page. Ice cream does the job of milk, sugar, and an ice cube- adds creaminess, sweetness, and brings the temperature down to drinkable range. So next time you make a cup of coffee, head over to the freezer for some ice cream, you can even have a few bites, I won't tell! 

2. Plain, non-fat greek yogurt as a substitute for sour cream. My husband was skeptical of this tip, but once he tried it he was hooked. Now we never buy sour cream and use greek yogurt to top baked potatoes, chili, and tacos. Greek yogurt tastes just as good as sour cream and has less than half the calories.

3. Broccoli stalks are tasty! Have you been throwing away the stalks of broccoli all of these years? Stop! Just peel the tough outer layer away with a vegetable peeler or remove it with a knife (like in this video), cut in to bite size pieces and cook along with the rest of the broccoli, or enjoy it raw with vegetable dip.  



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5 Ways to Add More Bacon to Your Thanksgiving Dinner

5-ways-add-more-baconFood writers say bacon is a trend, but I disagree. Trends come and go, but bacon is here to stay. Here are some suggestions for how to add bacon to your Thanksgiving dinner. Since it’s the holidays, don’t skimp on bacon quality. My favorite is applewood smoked bacon by Nueske. Find Nueske bacon online at and get cooking!





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Packer Football Party Food: Mini Sausages Wrapped in Bacon with Beer Cheese Sauce

packer-football-party-food-1Packer football party food needs to be hearty, rich in flavor and worthy of the Green Bay Packers. Can you picture Clay Mathews eating hummus or finger sandwiches? Nope, I didn’t think so. Clay would much rather have some sausages wrapped in bacon with beer cheese sauce. If you’ve ever had bacon wrapped anything at a party you know how fast people eat it, but add some beer cheese sauce and you might have to go to the store for more ingredients to make another batch. I also discovered that one package of bacon is EXACTLY enough to wrap one package of mini sausages. Coincidence? I think not. I bet someone from Wisconsin thought of it. Continue reading to find the recipe.

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Maple Bacon Latte

maple-bacon-latteIf you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen this gorgeous (or to some people, grotesque) maple bacon latte already. This bacon beverage from Yola’s Cafe in Madison, Wisconsin caused quite a stir among the Facebook fans.  Reactions ranged from “amazing” to “vomit”.

I admit it’s not for everyone, in fact, I’m usually a straight coffee girl. As a former barista I know how much sugar goes in those flavored lattes and it makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it. But for something as kitschy as the maple bacon latte, I allowed myself a splurge.

I felt like I had a part in the creation of this latte madness. The Yola’s Cafe Facebook page annouced they were thinking about adding it to the menu. Someone suggested including a slice of bacon as a stir stick and I chimed in that bacon bits should be sprinkled on top. What I thought was a stroke of latte genius turned out to be kind of gross though, since the bacon bits sunk to the bottom and turned in to mush. The bacon stir stick however, genius! As I walked out of the cafe with a latte in one hand, and munching the bacon from my other hand, I decided every coffee house beverage should come with a side of bacon.

I enjoyed this kooky drink! It’s definitely not an every day occurrence, but a fun treat. What do you think? Would you drink a maple bacon latte?

Nueske Bacon is A Favorite of Famous Chefs

Nueske bacon is a favorite among Wisconsinites, but it’s also popular among famous chefs including Rick Bayless, Masaharu Morimoto and Rolland Possat. So chefs specializing in Japanese, Mexican and French cuisine are all using the same applewood smoked bacon. It’s sort of like an episode of Iron Chef and Nueske bacon is the secret ingredient. Let’s find out what each chef came up with.

Chef Rolland Possat is a French chef and owner of La Folie restaurant in San Francisco. Chef Possat tackles the dish that strikes fear into the hearts of chefs: the souffle. His souffle includes cream cheese, butter, edam cheese, and a sprinkle of diced Nueske bacon on top. At his restaurant, he serves it with a scoop of onion sorbet. You can find the souffle recipe and more information about the chef at

Chef Masaharu Morimoto has an advantage in this imaginary game since he is not only a chef from Iron Chef America, but was also an Iron Chef on the original Japanese version of the show. The New Times in Palm Beach, Florida reported that Morimoto was in town for the South Beach Food and Wine Festival, where he cooked up a Waygu beef and Nueske bacon burger with comet cheese, watercress, pickled shallots, garlic and smoked tomato aioli on ciabatta bread.

 Chef Rick Bayless is the owner of Frontera Grill in Chicago, which has a little brother restaurant called Tortas Frontera in O’Hare airport. If Rick Bayless’s name doesn’t catch your eyes, the list of local ingredients on the menu in an airport probably will. The menu includes a variety of tortas, Mexican grilled sandwiches, including the Cubano: smoked pork, Nueske bacon, black beans, Mexican cheese, cilantro crema, chipotle mustard, and avocado. If you have an early morning flight, Nueske bacon is on the breakfast menu as well.

Which Nueske bacon preperation would you most like to eat? How do you cook and serve your Nueske bacon?

100 Wisconsin Food Facts

100 Wisconsin Food FactsI have put together 100 Wisconsin food facts, which is certainly the most epic blog post ever to be published on Edible Antics and maybe the most epic food blog post to be published on a Wisconsin food blog ever. All of these facts are accurate to the best of my knowledge and my sources are listed at the bottom of the post. If you believe any of the facts are inaccurate, or you would like to add your own Wisconsin food facts, please leave comments, I’d love to hear from you.




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