Unique baby gifts, games, and fun food for baby showers

Baby gifts are today’s theme because I have two dear friends who are expecting. They share the common excitement and anxieties of all expectant parents. How will they handle this new challenge? What if something goes wrong? How will they cope? Will it all turn out as wonderful as imagined? All these questions prospective babies present, I’m asking as well.

No, I’m not expecting a baby. My challenge comes sooner; I’m hosting the baby shower. I once threw a baby shower and it didn’t go well. In fact, it was absolutely boring. A room full of women and nearly everyone was silent – for hours. Ugh! And when the soon-to-be-grandmother asked if there were any games to play, I panicked. I hadn’t thought to provide games like pin the diaper on the baby, or round and round the basinet. I’d thought we’d all just chat. But no, we didn’t. We smiled at each other. Dear God, it was awful!

So round two, another baby shower; what to do? I need unique baby gifts, baby shower games, and fun food! Keep reading for some of my ideas.

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