Ice cream is a Wisconsin tradition. The average American consumes 23 quarts of ice cream or
other frozen dairy products each year – that’s almost 6 gallons! If that sounds
like a lot of ice cream, blame Wisconsin. Ranking #3, only behind the District
of Columbia and Rhode Island, Wisconsinites significantly raise the average by
eating over 10 gallons of ice cream per person!

ice-creamWhy do we love our frozen treats so much?
Well, besides the hot and humid summers, ice cream is engrained in Wisconsin’s
history. Built in 1951, Madison plays home to the oldest university dairy
building in the United States:  Babcock
Hall Dairy Plant.

In case you forgot, July is National Ice Cream Month! Upon
proclamation in 1984, President Reagan called for all Americans to observe the
ice cream event with “appropriate ceremonies and activities.” Anyone from
Wisconsin knows that appropriate celebration always includes a few scoops (or
pints) of Babcock’s famous ice cream.

But no matter where you’re from, everybody loves ice cream.
It’s reported that 98% of all households purchase ice cream. The biggest ice
cream eaters? Children under 13 and adults age 45+.