Ethnic cooking is a sure-fire way to teach children about their heritage. Lots of children love cooking, so tell them to cook ethnic desserts for their classmates, and they’re excited.

My child’s teacher understands that the route to child learning is through desserts. That’s why the 4th-grade children’s heritage project included a cooking unit. Each child was told to make a dessert recipe from their ethnic background and bring it to school. The desserts would be shared with children and parents as all viewed the children’s posters depicting their families’ ethnic heritages.

The learning exercise was a grand success. Displayed in the school’s cafeteria were the children’s posters showing their family trees, personal family-history details, photographs, country flags, and bullet-points about each child’s family’s country of origin. And next to each poster stood a child offering his or her ethnic dessert.

My child had a tricky time choosing which country in her family heritage she should display. She’s a bit of a human mutt in that respect. But we settled on German after doing a lot of fraction calculations. Finding German food recipes was easy however, especially because we have so many Wisconsin cookbooks. We chose to bake Manderfield’s German chocolate cookies. Keep reading for this authentic German recipe.

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