fashion-and-foodI have a theory about fashion and food, it’s all about balance and contrast. Finding the perfect balance in a dish is similar to finding the perfect balance in an outfit. For example, my favorite outfit is a dainty, flowing dress with some chunky wedge sandals or a structured leather jacket. My favorite dessert is a hot blueberry cobbler with crunchy topping and cold creamy ice cream. It’s the contrast that makes the outfit and the dessert memorable. All of the components come together to form something greater than the individual parts.

With such a strong correlation between fashion and food, why do we usually keep fashion out of the kitchen? My PJs and a grilling apron are my usual cooking attire. I want to be comfortable and chances are during the early stages of dinner prep, no one is around to care what I’m wearing.

I admit though, when I watch the show Mad Men (if you haven’t seen it, it’s based in the 60s) and Betty Draper is gliding around the kitchen with perfect hair, a cute dress, a stylish apron and kitten heels, I want to be her! Her look says to me “I am so amazing I had time to do my hair, put together the perfect outfit, AND make dinner.”

Retro chic aprons from Saucy Girl aprons bring the days of cooking in sassy aprons and dresses back in fashion. A Wisconsin mother and daughter came up with the idea after seeing their mom/grandma make a fashion statement in the kitchen. Saucy Girl aprons give a nod to the past, but they are thoroughly modern with a pocket perfect for an iPod and vibrant prints. They bring together the past and present, as well as function and fashion.

Do you wear aprons in the kitchen? Are they fashionable or strictly functional?