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Touring Wisconsin Food

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Cranberries, Apples and Barbeque, Oh My!

The fall harvest festivals in bountiful Wisconsin continue this weekend.  The weather is forecasted to be a beautiful late summer early fall sampling of delight.  So what’s your pleasure?


Gays Mills Apple orchard

The city of Gays Mills in southwestern Wisconsin along with a number of area apple orchards celebrate the Gays Mills Apple Festival.  Saturday and Sunday both have scheduled events for the whole family.   This part of Wisconsin is the drift less region where it was not subjected to the glacial smoothing of the north eastern part of the state.  As a result there are picturesque hills and valleys with twisty roads and overlooks.  The ridges above Gays Mills are home to a number of apple orchards that welcome you with their offerings of apples, turnovers, cider, donuts and a sampling of dairy products from the area.

cranberry guys

Ocean Spray Cranberry harvest

The area in central Wisconsin around Warrens hosts their annual Cranberry Festival.  Cranberries are a major agricultural product for Wisconsin and we rank number one in production with over 60% of the nation’s total output harvested here.  This festival in Warrens celebrates all things cranberry with over 1.300 artisan display booths that stretch out over three miles.  You can take tours of nearby cranberry producing bogs, explore the large arts and crafts fair or sample cranberry themed food products.

beef A Rama Minocqua 2015

Grilling at Beef- A-Rama

There is also a Swiss influenced Octoberfest in New Glarus along with other October fests in a large number of communities throughout Wisconsin.   Or the Beef-A-Rama in Minocqua.  Or the Brew-B-Que in Lodi.  The Travel Wisconsin website is a great resource to find happenings in your area.


Wisconsinmade deluxe cranberry assortment

We hope you and your family can get out there and enjoy this beautiful fall weekend of food fun in Wisconsin.  And if you need quick access to these scrumptious food items check out the cranberry items the apple items and all of our meat selections on

All of them are:

Made with Pride and Passion in Wisconsin

Fall Breakfast Recipe: Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

fall-breakfast-recipe-apple-cinnamon-oatmealThis weekend the colder weather gave me an intense craving for a warming fall breakfast. I have a crockpot recipe for apple cinnamon oatmeal that I love, but it requires slow cooking overnight. I searched the Internet for a quicker version of this recipe and found one on that even includes one of my favorite Wisconsin ingredients- maple syrup! I added a few of my own touches to the recipe – extra cinnamon and some raisins. The raisins are a tribute to my grandma because she always used to make oatmeal with raisins and I called it “Grammy oats”.

The results were exactly what I had hoped for – a creamy, hearty breakfast with comforting spices and the taste of my favorite state! Not quite as good as Grammy oats, but pretty close, but let’s face it, no one can beat grandma in the kitchen!

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Need A Fast, Healthy Breakfast For Kids? Try Homemade Breakfast Cookies

For the past couple of months, my children’s choice for breakfast has been breakfast bars. You know, those foil-packaged rectangles of oats and mystery fruit. The box lauds them as nutritious, and comparing them to Fruit Loops or Cocoa Krispies they’re probably superior if served with a multi-vitamin. I originally bought them as car snacks for road trips. But they traveled into the kitchen cupboard. 

My children had been eating cold cereal or instant oatmeal for breakfast, but have since tired of these. Recently my daughter (9) is choosing to spend more time styling her hair than eating breakfast. In her last mad dash to pack her backpack, she simultaneously munches a breakfast bar. If I get her to swallow some milk too, I congratulate myself. My 6-year-old is the opposite. An early-riser, he’s ready for breakfast before I’m ready to serve it. So he helps himself. Ever his sister’s copycat, he chooses breakfast bars. I arrive in the kitchen in time to give him some milk too.

I’ve been thinking that I should be able to make a breakfast that meets our morning’s new criteria:

  1. tasty enough that the children will choose it
  2. fast to eat
  3. can be self-served by a 6-year-old
  4. nutritious enough that mom is not guilty

I found a recipe that meets these criteria in the cookbook Apples Everything by Jean Hill and Jody Littler. Click on “Continue reading…” for the recipe and rest of the story.

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‘A’ is for Attitude – A Recipe for Surviving Wisconsin’s Winter with Preschoolers

It’s 15 below zero outside.  The furnace is running but hasn’t cranked the heat up beyond 64 degrees.  I’m coated in wool and writing this next to the heating vent. Wisconsin schools are closed due to the dangerous wind chill.  And now my children sit frozen in front of the TV.  But winter is only half over.  At this point we need more than comfort food – we need a recipe for survival.

My ace in the hole for keeping spirits up is to throw a party.  The kids and I will celebrate any occasion around here, especially in winter.  We’ve been planning our super bowl party for Sunday, but that’s 4 days away.  What can we rally around right now?

Last night I lost sleep over my 5-year-old’s inability to recite the alphabet.  Yes, this was a foolish, unnecessary worry, but it kept my mind off bigger concerns.  I know I can teach the alphabet, and make it fun to boot!  So when we learned that schools are closed today, I announced that today we would throw our first alphabet party. Every week from now until kindergarten, we will choose a letter to celebrate.  “What letter will it be today, Dave?” I asked.  He chose ‘A’.

a-attitude-2So we started by writing upper and lower case ‘A’s and taping them to the kitchen door to signify that it’s ‘A’s special day’.  Then the kids decorated a large cardboard box with letters cut out of magazines.  Into this box will go items that begin with ‘A’.  Now comes the food!  I baked an angel food cake and got out my Apples Everything cookbook. I found a recipe for sauteed apples to serve over the cake. (The recipe is on the ‘Cooking with the ABC’s’ page.)

My neighbor just called and wanted to know what we’re up to.  She has a 5-year-old son and a 7-year-old daughter also aimlessly wandering the house.  We invited them to join our party this afternoon.  They’ll be bringing ‘A’ toys and treats. 

The kids and I have been brain-storming other ‘A’ foods. We’ve come up with…

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