Wisconsin gourmet chefs Marge Snyder and Suzanne Breckenridge introduce their recipe for Apple Mincemeat Tart by writing, “Our family’s traditional Thanksgiving dessert, it will make a lovely presentation at any holiday gathering.” mincemeat-1 I think their introduction is an understatement. They could have made more of the fact that this pie recipe is a grand compromise between two traditonalist Thanksgiving camps. One camp wants mincemeat pie and the other cries, “No, not mincemeat, apple!” But you the chef wants to bake only one extra pie, (you’ve alreaady got a pumpkin in the oven). Going beyond compromise, this pie recipe goes a step further in luxurious flavor by dousing the mincemeat and apples in brandy and glazing the whole pie over in apricot preserves. This pie is no ordinary Thanksgiving dessert. Click on “continue reading…” for the recipe.

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