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Get Ready For Kindergarten! – Mom Teaches the Alphabet with Recipes for Baked Yams and Roasted Yellow Zucchini!

Tomorrow – Day 1 of Kindergarten. Is pre-schooler Dave ready? Does he know his alphabet? Did doting mother and helpful big sister carry through on their months-long endeavor to teach Dave the shapes and sounds of the 26 letters? Did the weekly collection of toys into the cardboard alphabet box help, – an airplane for ‘a‘-week, bears for ‘b‘-week, puzzles for ‘p‘-week, and a rocket for ‘r‘-week? We hope so. But none-the-less, our family ate lots of yummy treats in the process – baked cinnamon Apples, Cranberry Cookies, King Lingonberry coffee cake, spiced NO-se cake, and the grand Volcano cake for V. But now, 24 hours before the big day, have we done it – have ALL the letters received their honorary celebration?

We proudly answer, YES! In fact, the grand alphabet game was completed with days to spare. That’s right, last Thursday we finished off letters W,X,Y and Z with a one-day flurry of cooking and eating. No, I did not bake cakes in the shape of a yak playing the xylophone and a zebra eating watermelon as 8-year-old sister Lauren had suggested. Instead, I made Jello wigglers.

The recipe for the wigglers is on the back of the Jello boxes. (Just note that the same recipe, meaning identical proportions, are printed on boxes of different sizes. If you make Jello wigglers with a small, 3 ounce box of Jello, it’s best to halve the proportions in the wiggler recipe.) After the Jello set, Dave and Lauren set to cutting out letters W,X,Y, and Z with letter-shaped cookie cutters. We also used an O-shaped cutter and then put our letters together to spell ZOO, YO-YO, OX, and OW. 

That night we further honored the letters at dinner by enjoying baked Yams, roasted Yello Zucchini, and sliced Watermelon. These accompanied sauerkraut and X-tra special grilled bratwursts. Click on the link for the X-tra special bratwurst recipe. Click on “continue reading… for the baked Yam and Yello Zucchini recipes.

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Recipe for Roasted Cheese-Stuffed Peppers: A Low-Carb, High-Protein Healthy Snack Kids Like

Roasted cheese-stuffed peppers is a happy, healthy way to stuff protein and a vegetable into kids who’d rather eat sugar. The recipe comes from the cookbook From Asparagus to Zucchini: A Guide to Cooking Farm-Fresh Seasonal Produce. Here’s the recipe:

  • bell peppers
  • low-fat cheese

“Using tongs or long-handled fork, hold whole pepper over open flame, turning occasionally, until skin blisters all around. Cool and peel off skin. Open pepper from top carefully; remove seeds and core. Fill with low-fat cheese, and pop in low oven until cheese melts and conforms to shape of pepper. Chill overnight. Slice pepper; serve with other vegetables or use in a sandwich. Makes any number of servings.”

Roasting the peppers over a campfire or on a grill makes a fun party activity, but it’s easier to roast them on a flat pan in the oven under the broiler. Set the broiler heat to high. Turn the peppers when the skin turns brown to black – after about 10 minutes. Continue to turn until the whole pepper is brown. Let the peppers cool. It’s hard to remove the skin on a warm pepper. In fact, some people claim the skin comes off easiest if you freeze the peppers first.

I could only get one of the four peppers to keep its cylindrical shape when I removed the skin, stem, and seeds. But whether the pepper is shaped like a bowl or a plate makes no difference in taste.

I filled the peppers with my kids’ favorite cheese: a combo of cheddar and Monterey jack. My kids also like brick cheese because of its mild flavor. The adult version of this recipe calls for a much spicier pepper, say a poblano, serrano, or jalapeno, and perhaps a cheese with more of a punch, say a pepper jack, blue cheese, or asiago.

It is helpful, although not critical, to let the cooked roasted cheese-stuffed peppers cool in the ‘fridge overnight. They slice up easily after being chilled.

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Raspberry Muffin Saves Woman! – ‘R’ Is For Recipe

“Don’t shoot!” she cried. “I have them inside. They’re fresh, warm and sweet, a raspberry treat. Just please lay that handgun aside.”

He glared, “But I’ve come fer yer money, not yer raspberry dough, honey. Muffins are muffins like all others I’ve tried.”

“But no, not so!” she wept as she crept to the kitchen where her muffins did lay. “Please, please, come see, and then you will know. You’re far richer with these than with Uncle Sam’s dough.”

“Ha, ha!” he scoffed, as she held them aloft, they’re sweet scent wafting up to his nose.

“Just one,” she pleaded. The brute, he conceded, and bit a raspberry muffin in two.

His eyes miraculously softened. His jaw instantly slackened. The handgun dropped to the floor. “My, God! I’m reformed! I’m no longer torn between the law and an outlaw’s passions. This muffin has shown me the right road before me. Oh, please give me one muffin more.”

The sweet woman did, not a muffin she hid, but then she did sooo much more. With a bowl, tin and fork, she put him to work making raspberry muffins galore.

Know someone who needs reforming? Click on “continue reading…” for the recipe.


Notice: These raspberry muffins were produced in honor of “R-day”. The letter ‘R’ has now been celebrated with rrrrroaring righteousness in our “teach-a-preschooler-his-alphabet” game. Furthermore, let it be known that “Q-day” quietly occurred with the boiling of quinoa pasta.


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