Downtown Madison restaurants Ian’s Pizza and AJ Bombers aren’t afraid to push the limits. Whether it’s a friendly food fight or some out of the box culinary creations, these two establishments know how to use creativity to bring in hungry diners.

The Menu

PizzaMac n’ Cheese Pizza– Ian’s is famous for their crazy pizza ideas like buffalo chicken, lasagna marinara and tortelini, but the pizza that keeps us coming back for more, often at all hours of the night, is the mac n’ cheese pizza. Always on the menu and served on a no frills paper plate, the mac n’ cheese pizza has macaroni noodles, Wisconsin cheddar and my favorite part, the creme fraiche that serves as the sauce.



Enjoying a slice with my sweetie!




Mad Sconnie BurgerThe Wisconsin State Journal referred to this magnificent creation as a “stroke of genius and a terrific tribute to the capital city”. The burger masterpiece includes a grass fed beef patty mixed with Nueske bacon, topped with fried pickles and special sauce, all served on cheese bread from Stella’s bakery.




The famous Mad Sconnie Burger!




The Big Day

The friendly fight for the best downtown Madison restaurant would culminate in an event at Bombers with free pizza and burgers. Ian’s made a Mad Sconnie Pizza and Bombers made a mac and cheese burger. When it came time to decide a winner, event attendees concluded they were comparing apples to oranges, or in this case, burgers to pizza and the true winner was the city of Madison for having two of the must unique and tasty restaurants in Wisconsin.

So what’s your favorite downtown Madison restaurant to grab a bite? Ian’s Pizza? AJ Bombers? Or somewhere else?