Considering throwing a St. Patrick’s Day party? Go for it. Parties need not have fancy decorations, nor elaborate foods, nor even guests. Just the family will do. My simple definition of a party is that people come together and enjoy each other’s company. And what prompts people to gather? -food. If you’re lucky, the impromptu-party food is good. If you’re really lucky, the food was easy to make. And since St. Patrick’s Day celebrates the luck of the Irish (lucky because St. Patrick came to Ireland and drove out the snakes), a real St. Patrick’s Day party has to have easy, delicious food. 

Previously, I posted a tasty, easy corned beef recipe. Serve it with potatoes and something green and you’ve got a St. Patrick’s Day dinner, American-style. (Folks in Ireland don’t eat corned beef. Such a pity.) Today I offer a recipe for Irish soda bread to serve with it. You may think Irish soda bread, being bread, is time-consuming and difficult to make. This recipe isn’t. It’s even easier than mixing up a quick break like pumpkin or banana bread because you don’t have to mess with fruit. You might be wary of Irish soda bread because you’ve had it before and it tasted excessively bland. Not this recipe; it’s got a marvelous flavor of caraway. You might remember that Irish soda bread tends to be dry. You can prevent that. First, don’t over-bake it. Second, fudge the recipe like I did. Keep reading for a yummy Irish soda bread recipe to serve with your St. Patrick’s Day dinner.

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