What to serve at an intimate, ADULT, dinner party? What main dish would be elegant, beautiful, and imbued with a complexity of flavors that discerning adults would savor? “Dream on,” I told myself while munching re-heated, mock, chicken McNuggets and day-old salad. “Even if you could answer that question, when would you have time to cook like that!?” Defiant against this no-nonsense nuisance of a super-ego, I declared, “I’ll MAKE time!”

And I did. I chose a night the kids would be out of the house. I invited friends who would appreciate gourmet food but, in case of unexpected cooking mishaps, could also be optimistically forgiving. I chose a main dish pictured in a cookbook that matched my gourmet vision, and I set out to replicate it. The good news is that it only took 2 1/2 hours (including shopping time) to make this salmon roulade. The bad news was the expense. I had to buy Pernod which, before Saturday, I did not know was an anise liqueur that cost $31.00. The good news was that the recipe only called for one Tablespoon of Pernod and I found I really like this liqueur and know of other recipes requiring it. The bad news was that I had to de-bone and de-skin the salmon steaks. The good news is I figured out a way to do it, although this way may not follow gourmet-cooking standards. The other good news is that I could do the majority of the work hours before the guests arrived. But the best news was the tantalizing taste of this salmon roulade. It was elegant, colorful and had complex flavors appreciated by my adult guests. And we all got a gourmet meal which would have come with an extravagant price tag if we had eaten it in a 4-star restaurant. Click on “Continue reading…” for this recipe for salmon roulade from The Northwoods Table: Natural Cuisine Featuring Native Foods.

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