It’s patriotic season, colored in red, white, and blue, and punctuated with Memorial Day, Flag Day, and the 4th of July! Wisconsin kids ride decorated bikes behind fire engines, play baseball, eat strawberry shortcake, and ooh- and aah- at fireworks. My daughter is showing her patriotic spirit by drawing frosted fireworks on her practice entry in the July Dane County Fair. Lauren is 9 and July’s fair will be the first in which she competes in the 4-H Club cake decorating contest.

Lauren’s official entry will be frosted styrofoam, but for these practice cakes we decorate real cakes! Well, I’m baking the cakes and Lauren is playing artiste with tubes of edible color. Pictured is our first 4th of July cake. I used Wanda Peterson Mango’s recipe for French Chocolate Cake. Wanda’s description of this cake is right on,” Tender, moist, light –this chocolate cake has all the things that make a great chocolate cake. It’s not real sweet, but this cake has a real natural cocoa flavor. This was often made for our birthdays when we were growing up.”  The Peterson family also made this French chocolate cake at their family-owned Grandma’s Swedish Bakery and Restaurant in Door County, Wisconsin. Click on “Continue reading…”for the French chocolate cake recipe.

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