food-trends-2013We dodged the apocalypse! What a relief! Now I can stop stock piling supplies and go back to doing what I normally do around this time every year; thinking about what food trends might be in store for the year ahead. Last year I predicted that pie and hot dogs would be the popular foods of 2012. I nailed it on the hot dog guess (Christmas hot dogs anyone?) and the fact that I attended a pie party proves that I was on the right track with that one too. With the success of last year’s predictions under my belt, I shall gaze into the foodie crystal ball and share with you my predictions for 2013.

Alternative Meats – Raise your hand if you’re bored of chicken, beef and pork! No one? Well ok, I’ll never be bored of those meats either but I do like to try something different occasionally. I’m a frequent diner at the Great Dane Brewpub in Madison and lately I’ve been ordering the buffalo burger. It’s leaner than beef and more flavorful. I also happen to know a buffalo farmer, and he says that people are becoming more and more curious about the buffalo and elk meats that he sells. Find out more about Terri’s Elk and Bison Ranch in this blog post from a couple of weeks ago.

Food That Tastes Like Cocktails- I love cocktails, I love food, so why don’t we put them together more often? I’ve been seeing more and more of this, and I think it will blow up in 2013. A local business in Madison called Spirit of Wisconsin makes candies, salsas, jams and more using spirits from Yahara Bay Distillery. These make fabulous gifts for your foodie or drinkie friends! I also recently found a recipe for Old Fashioned bread pudding. No, not old fashioned like your grandma, Old Fashioned like Wisconsin’s favorite drink!

Oreo Truffles and Variations- How long have Oreo Truffles been around? They first came into my life when I got some in the office cookie exchange last year and I think I’ve eaten about 1,000 of them since then. I’ve also created a Pinterest board where I collect all the truffle recipes I can find since I am that obsessed. My enthusiam for truffles alone will ensure truffles become a popular food trend in 2013.

Pickled Foods- ┬áThe New York Times recently reported about the trend of pickled foods in Brooklyn. That’s been going on here in Wisconsin for awhile now. In fact, as you know I work for a gourmet food store and pickled foods are insanely popular! Pickled eggs, pickled herring, and pickled sausages fly off the shelf year round. Find out more about the artisan pickled food trend in my blog post from last year. I think this trend will spread to the rest of the USA in 2013.

What foods do you think will be popular in 2013?