Choosing my favorite Wisconsin recipes wasn’t an easy task since I made some memorable dishes in 2011. I’ll post my other five favorites later in the week, but for now, in no particular order, here are some of my favorite Wisconsin recipes.

Beer Cheese Soup– Unlike many of my fellow Wisconsinites, I don’t enjoy the cold, but give me a warm bowl of beer cheese soup with some bread to dip in it, and I transform into Winter’s biggest fan. Many of my dear readers must agree because this recipe is one of the most visited on my blog.

Curry Wurst– My dad taught me this simple recipe for curry wurst. One of my readers from Germany pointed out that my choice to serve it with red cabbage and potato salad is inaccurate- curry wurst is usually served as street food with fries, so check back for a recipe revisit on this one in 2012.

Biscuit Cups– This family pleasing recipe has five simple ingredients, uses up leftovers and takes only a few minutes to prepare. Make it once and it will become a family favorite in no time.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich-You probably don’t need a recipe on a food blog to tell you how to make a grilled cheese sandwich, but this isn’t your average white bread and American cheese version. We take our cheese seriously here in America’s Dairyland, including the grilled variety.  The addition of applewood smoked bacon, basil, tomato and sharp cheddar make this grilled cheese sandwich one of my all time favorites and a standout for 2011.

Turkey Burgers– You won’t miss the beef with these flavorful burgers topped with cucumber, olive spread, tomato and Wisconsin feta.