Eating is pleasure. It evolved that way. Animals that don’t eat die. And eating for most animals requires a lot of energy expended finding food and manipulating it into an edible form. With all that work required, the eating itself had better be enjoyable or animals wouldn’t do it.  Over the eons, those creatures for whom eating was more chore than pleasure tended not to eat very much. And so they usually died before maturity. Since they didn’t reproduce more of their food-neutral or even food-averse kind, and meanwhile their brethren with hearty appetites were abundantly prolific, today our planet is mostly left with animals that enthusiastically seek out and obtain food and then revel in the pleasure of eating it.

As you remember, we humans are in the animal kingdom. And in fact, we are so highly evolved for food-craving, seeking, and obtaining that we have maximized efficiency in these three areas. Point in case, – Wisconsin fudge shops.

Keep reading for more about the evolution of Wisconsin fudge shops and an authentic recipe for Wisconsin fudge.

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