Ah, summer grilling in Wisconsin! We love our brats and burgers, and after a tough winter we’ve earned some fun in the sun, but nothing will kill your summer buzz like a trip to the emergency room for a burn or a food born illness. Here are some tips to make sure your summer if full of tasty AND safety!

1. Use a different plate for raw and cooked meats. The juices from raw meat can contain harmful bacteria, and those hang out on the plate that you take out to the grill. Make sure to use a fresh plate for the cooked meat. Also, wash your hands and any surfaces that come in contact with raw meat.

2. Lock down the trash. This tip is mostly for our four legged friends. Corn cobs, chicken bones and other common cook out trash can be harmful to pets. Make sure the trash can has a fido and fluffly proof lid.

3. Make the meat thermometer your best friend. The most common summer grilling question – how can I tell if the meat is done? –  can easily be answered with an affordable kitchen gadget- a meat thermometer! Cook your foods to the temperature that the FDA recommends for that type of meat, and your summer grilling will be easy peasy!

4. Pratice fire safety. We all know the basics of fire safety – never use a grill indoors, keep kids and pets away from the grill…but it never hurts to have a refresher! Check out these handy tips from the National Fire Protection Assocation.

5. Beware the grill brush. Grill brushes seem innocent enough, but an old grill brush can shed bristles that can end up in your food. A metal grill bristle can do some serious damage to your insides! Make sure you’re grill brush is in good shape (watch the video for tips) or ditch the grill brush all together and clean your grill with a balled up piece of aluminium foil.






What’s your number one grill safety tip?


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