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Touring Wisconsin Food

Rhubarb Season – The Best Rhubarb Foods From Wisconsin

Rhubarb season is upon us! My memories of rhubarb come from a visit to my Grandma’s house. She grew rhubarb in her garden and it resembeled a red stalk of celery. She cooked it up with sugar for a sort of tart apple sauce like concoction, without the apples. My rhubarb experience has expanded and I’ve tried some other tasty rhubarb foods like these:

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie- One of the most common ways to serve rhubarb is baked up in a pie with strawberries like this Strawberry Rhubarb Pie by Bea’s Ho-made Pies, a Wisconsin company based in Door County. If you want to taste Bea’s pie for yourself, you can have one shipped to your door from

Vodka Cosmo Cranberry Rhubarb Jam -The artisans at Spirit of Wisconsin know how to combine fruit and Wisconsin-made liquors to create amazing jams, relishes and preserves.  The Vodka Cosmo Cranberry Rhubarb Jam- try to say that ten times fast! – comes in a elegant gift box with other fun spreads and dips. This makes a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries or even a Wisconsin wedding.

Rhubarb Kringle – A Kringle is a giant Danish pastry that is shaped like an oval and filled with scrumptious fillings. Fruit filled kringles are always a favorite and rhubarb kringles are only available for a limited time during rhubarb season, so have one shipped directly from the bakery to your door while you can.

Rhubarb Syrup – Sour rhubarb and bitter hops come together to create this unique syrup by Quince and Apple. The Tasting Table in Chicago tried it and said “good luck keeping this on the shelves!” because they loved it so much. You can add it to sparkling wine, soda water or your own cocktail creation.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy rhubarb?



  1. Savory pizza served at Jac’s on Monroe Street in Madison two years ago, when I asked for it again, they did not have it on the menu! I have searched for a recipe for savory rhubard pizza but had no luck

  2. Salivary gland overload! 😀
    This all looks scrumptious, but the ‘Vodka Cosmo Cranberry Rhubarb Jam’ is way off the chain. I like to just cook rhubarb and a little sugar into a sauce and spoon it over vanilla ice cream. The sweet/tart thing is awesome.
    The Rhubarb Syrup has me intrigued, too. Thanks for the fun!

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