Confession Time

I have a confession to make. Even though I talk about Wisconsin food all day on this blog, I had never been to a Milwaukee Brewers game, until last night! We went on a company outing to Miller Park for a night of good old fashion baseball fun.

What I Ate

Miller Park has an impressive food selection, there were even a few Food Network sponsored carts. I contemplated getting a full-sized batting helmet full of loaded nachos or a BBQ parfait with layers of mashed potatoes and pulled pork, but ended up sticking with the Wisconsin classic- a bratwurst with kraut and mustard and a mini helmet with cheese curds. Since it’s baseball, there’s something special about sticking with tradition.

Baseball and Food Go Together Like Beer and Brats

Despite that I was an intern for a minor league baseball team during college, and I’ve been to my fair share of games, I still don’t know much about the sport. I had to double check with my co-worker because I almost called the batting helmet a “batter’s hat” in the last paragraph. And while I’m working on the baseball lingo, I’ll be a frequent visitor to minor league and major league games alike because brats taste better, beer is more refreshing, and life is good when you’re watching a baseball game.